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Google’s New Amsterdam Offices Are Extremely Dutch

suggéré par Sébastien CHANTELOT 3028061-inline-googam5Google’s offices, though always Google-y, tend to take inspiration from their location. The original campus in Mountain View is sprawling and sunny, like an alternate-universe Stanford. The New York offices, on the far West Side, are industrial and loft-like. (More examples: LondonPittsburghDublin.) And the new Amsterdam offices have stroopwafel ceiling panels. Designed by D/DOCK, a local studio, the Amsterdam offices feature a mix of Google’s in-house style and Dutch design cues. There’s brick and graffiti, which are a hat-tip to the company’s origins in a garage (though the actual Google garage is more suburban and less cool). There are the traditional trappings of startup offices worldwide, by which we mean, yeah, there’s a foosball table.   lire plus loin ici :  

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