A digital workplace

typeLe cabinet australien Step Two Designs propose une vision d’un espace de travail digital autour des notions de design, d’accès, d’identité, de confiance, et de valeur ajoutée:

“The goal of our story is making the abstract concept of the digital workplace into something concrete.

We have taken a storytelling approach, as this connects with our basic human abilities to learn and explore. Mock screenshots show what the digital workplace could look like. We use narrative to describe the rich detail of daily work, when enterprise tools have changed from being a burden to a joy.

Is this a vision of the far distant future, or just around the corner? You decide.

We share this view of the digital workplace to spark further thinking and discussion, and to encourage the creation of other tangible visions of what the future work may look like.”

talk “This will be Sarah’s third job in seven years, and while she’s become adept at getting up to speed, she’s still not looking forward to the months of feeling like the ‘new kid on the block’. At least her new employer, a consumer goods company, seems to be doing well, even in these difficult economic circumstances….”

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