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Sanket Sharma and Akshay Kothari

CoffeeTo redesign your school is to make the new place for the student where they can learn also but with more fun so more and more student come to the place to learn. We don’t call this place just a library because its not suits with our innovative ideas. We are design a place called MKOP( My Kind of place ) where student comes to hangout ,spend their free time , to learn ,to chat and many more .

This place not only serve books or knowledge like other library .In MKOP knowledge serves with fun . We want that student come from his own will so he/she can learn from his full heart .MKOP is a big place divided into different categories with different services for the students.We Uses here a totally different patterns for the students in a innovative way so more & more students can be attracted towards the library and its importance because just on the basis of book its not easy to attract student to come and spend their time .We uses here different ideas in an appropriate time for the students . We try to understand students need towards the school library with our innovative ideas .

2.Our Design with our Ideas :

There will be a big room with the separation of wood wall and the furniture . We have like smart computers with touch screen with the details of book and the list of the book attached to every table for the student so student can search book of his interest on the same place where he is sitting

There is a private section to sit for the individual or the group in the MKOP so if somebody want to sit alone or if somebody want to sit with their friends so the can .  This is a kind of place where student can sit with their friends and read ,talk ,chat etc .

Introduction of all books into a computer software which will categorize all books based on the subject,  author, book name so that students don’t find it boring to view so many books at once instead they can just come type the name of the book they want and can use it.This will give a boost in students where if they have a research work or some thing they want to know about they can just come directly type the name of the book or author or subject and like a local search engine they will get every thing related to their requirement.

We are going to install a procedure where students can sell there books for a price and this will be stored in the library and entered in the database of the library computers and we will also store real  manuscripts about few businesses from direct sources and will merge with the second-hand book  market which is mainly in India, Africa it is a place where many shops sell books at a low price so we can buy books in large quantity and store it in our library. The main reason to do this is to make our  library rich, famous and a place to learn and succeed .We want that whenever student is free or have the spare time his 1st choice become to go to MKOP .

We introduce the audio books & e-books for the students .  This is new thing we introduce in our place where those people who dont want to read for a particular time so he/she can just attached their headphone to computer on his table and select the book to listen .After selecting their book they can listen the books pages by pages on the headphone and the display of that pages are avalible on the touch screen attached on his table .

We introduce a small smoking zone so people don’t need to go outside and stop reading .Student who smoke always go outside after a period when he want to smoke which also interrupt their reading and kill time ,So for that we make small area where they can sit and read while smoking .

Introduction of a mini cafeteria and vending machines; we  believe that whenever we are reading or studying or trying to grab information we keep feeling “mini hungers” so every time we see students or our visitors walk out for a snack which decreases their concentration levels and only few tend to come back so when their is a cafeteria in the library itself so people can eat and read at the same time and this will in-turn lead to a psychological illusion which means that when there is a crowd at a particular place humans find that place attractive and tend to visit it every now and then.

We also Provide the membership for Our place where student can pay once for a year and get the membership benefit like discount on cafe, no charges for using the i-pods of MKOP , free invite to all the event held by MKOP .Student will get the membership card Because when they enter the library, students should use a card. This card includes data about when students come to the library, what books they use…

MKOP also do different king of event and the competition for the student to encourage them to come .Every month we celebrate something to our place for the entertainment of the students . We can also create a dedicated space to students experiences in library with mural movies of actual people and even student can also leave their feedback for MKOP.

We also celebrate a book Olympia once in a year which is like a big festival of books in which we invites different authors for seminar.There are may learning games and activities will be held in this event,. In this event we celebrate this like a festival so they can attract more and more students  Book Olympiad offers many foods stalls ,book stalls,games,dance shows and many more .

To finish i want to make a place where student feel happy and comfortable .The place where every one want to go by their own wish not by force .Its not only a learning place its a place where student discover new things with new technologies . MKOP is a place where people meet new people discover new things ,every min they learn something new with fun and the joy .MKOP is a place for group of friends ,for individual ,for teacher where no one is up or low ,where everybody is same and come to learn new things .

3.Outcome if this place:

Student learn new thing with fun.

  • Discover new people .
  • Increase interest in reading books.
  • To exchange with former students and actual students about their career, their hobbies.
  • To have a place with all they need to build their future.