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Dinesh, Kiran, Abhishek and Gladson

Design your school is a project on library innovation in our school. We are not making the library a reading place or knowledge hub we are trying to make it as a experience. To design a school we should use business modules.
  • Segment the market           -> Identify Conflict
  • Identify the customer need -> Portray the needed skill
  • Design the process             -> Point the vision
  • Measure the results           -> Provide the happy ending
Using these modules we have to create an idea for designing school. In business we have 2 basic functions: Marketing and Innovation Marketing and Innovation both together can make a huge difference in the society. We can do this with things:
  1. The Value Proposition
  2. The Elevator Pitch & Using business module we can develop design our school library.
The Value Proposition:
  1. Segment Market: We need students, staff, association, teachers for segmenting the market.
It is not only for students, Library can be used by anyone for instance staffs can also use it for refreshing their knowledge and also for updating themselves. So, the segment market is students and staffs.
  1. Customer Need:
Peaceful atmosphere, Good lighting, Customer friendly access, , Books, Audio Video visuals, Internet, News Papers, Magazines.
  1. Physical Infrastructure is as important as the infrastructure of the library.
  2. Different variety of materials, Journals, Books.
  3. Internet facility with eBook facility for the students.
  4. Apart from these things various activities inside the library needs separate rooms like group discussion..etc.
Designing the Process:
  • Infrastructure, Computer with internet connection, eBooks, Books, Tables, Chairs.
  • Trying the innovation even in the building infrastructure.
  • Arrangement of books.
  • Trying to give Natural light as much as possible which will give a good mood to read and think.
  • The ultimate customers are students so satisfy them and giving them experience is the most important thing.
  1. Measuring the Results:
  • Suggestions from staffs.
  • Feedback from students.
  • Number of students visiting library.
  • Comparing the results with other libraries.
  • Making adjustments according to the feedbacks.
The Elevator Pitch: Conflict: As far as we see the conflicts we found out in the library are
  • Difficult access systems to find a book.
  • Uncomfortable atmosphere(physical and mental)
  • No activity except reading books.
  • Less infrastructure in terms of books as well as rooms ,chair, tables. etc.
Since the Library is situated in the main building of the school, so everytime we couldn’t find the same atmosphere, because sometimes there will be activities going outside the library loudly. Skills and competencies: The library has to be a place where we can get experience and also it has to be not only the knowledge hub but also a innovation hub.
  • Understanding the primary knowledge about the students and the specifications of authors and also publications.
  • Visualise future directions and prepare a roadmap to provide the most effective and efficient library and information services to the users.
  • Libraries Today-Open Source, Open Access and Open Libraries,
  • Information Resources-Collection and Organisation responding to users’ needs,
  • Connection-Providing access whether local or remote on the web,
  • Learner-focused-Responding to the information needs of the users,
  • Accessible-Easy to use, offering help and support,
  • Dynamic-A Catalyst , inspiring and encouraging enjoyment and discovery,
  • Current –Reflecting today’s communities in providing latest information.
  Roadmap: Modify & reorganize the library space (Digital, Infrastructure, eBooks, Innovation Room): INNOVATIONS: Another innovation could be providing electronic display to the visitor in order to make their search easier and better.
  • This technology helps to save time as well as helps the visitors interest.
  • As some of the individuals find it lazy and boring their choice of book in a huge decorum.
  • The library should also be provided with computer lab with access to internet which would lead the individual to carry out his research, as we all know internet can be helpful in any means.
  • This would also help the staffs to maintain their data about the various books being borrowed by individuals and also have a track about each and every student.
INFRASTRUCTURE:     Now coming to the infrastructure, if the interiors of the library are too dull and gloomy then it does not impact effectively as such on its students. Not that the people who check in for information are worried about the interiors, but for the people who come into the library for the very first time the interiors do matter. As good interior would be impressive and change the mindset of the students.
  • Therefore usage of bright color and innovative art work would me effective.
  • The building should be separated from the main building of the school, so that the library will keep its silence all the time.
  • And coming to the chairs and tables should also be very comfortable to read.
  • And we can make the building a sound proof one.
INNOVATION ROOM: This is one of the main innovations to be done there will be a separate room which consists of home atmosphere like bean bags, internet.
  • In this room not only curriculam books , but also all kind of general magazines scientific innovation books also be available.
  • There the students can go sit and when got some innovative idea they can mail the knowledge team which consists of some expert professors and also students.
  • The team will check the innovations of the students if that is worth doing then that team will take that idea to the school committee.
  • If 100 ideas per week come means from that best 5 will be taken and from that one will be selected by the school.
We thought this idea of having a innovation room would be a very useful one. And also one more impotant innovation is to have ebooks .When some books were taken by the customer and it is not available in the library at that time the customers can go to their account and can view the eBook version of the book. But the main thing is they can’t copy the book only they can view it. The idea of having some natural air inside the library would be very impressive because when it is completely air conditioned it will be comfortable only.
  • But when natural air comes the feel will be very good, we can get so much of ideas.
  • The racking of books also can make a difference.
  • For membership and for the access the way has to be very simple, like they can come inside with their student ID itself.
  • The library has to be very spacious and fully digitalized.
  • The library staffs should speak English and they have to be completely student friendly.
  • These innovations can bring out a wide change in the attitude of students about library.
HAPPY ENDING: This library which we have designed with a lot of innovative ideas and we are trying to make them learn with the atmosphere we are giving inside the library and also the infrastructure will make the students enjoy their learning in the library. And the Innovation room might be a handy idea but when it is started working out well it will bring wonders to the school as well as the library experience to the students, Staffs and professionals.