Marketing and Innovation

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Anudeep Dongre, Chanda Pokarna, Canida Pinto

To design a school we should use business modules.

  1. Segment the market            -> Identify Conflict
  2. Identify the customer need -> Portray the needed skill
  3. Design the process             -> Point the vision
  4. Measure the results            -> Provide the happy ending

Using these modules we have to create an idea for designing school.

In business we have 2 basic functions: Marketing and Innovation

Marketing and Innovation both together can make a huge difference in the society. We can do this with things:

  1. The Value Proposition
  2. The Elevator Pitch &

Using business module we can develop design our school library.

The Value Proposition:

  1. Segment MarketWe need students, staff, association, teachers for segmenting the market.

Library is for students, so only we should target students here.

  1. Customer Needs: Communication, books, audio and video, internet, infrastructure.
  • Main students need is communication with the staff.
  • Large quantity of books.
  • Internet facility with access to you tube.
  • Large infrastructure which include different rooms for group discussion, individual reading, computer room.
  • Photocopy and printing.
  • Security and storage.
  • Electrical points and data cable.
  • Staff workplace- telephone, PC’s

  1. Designing the Process: Infrastructure, Computer with internet connection (video and audio with head phones), Books, Tables, Flexible Shelving.
  • Flexible and Adaptable.
  • Multi-functional creative space
  • Cultural and Community Centre.
  • Zones- silent, quiet, group

To fulfil the customer needs we have to design the library for their satisfaction.

  1. Measuring the Results: Feedback from students.

Number of students visiting library.

The Elevator Pitch:


We find students facing problem with infrastructure, resources, and there is a cultural conflict. So we want to improve library by providing all necessary resources for students which will help them to improve their skills and knowledge and come up in carrier.

Skills and competencies:

Capacity building through skills and competencies of library is a major challenge. The library and information professionals have to recognize and understand the broad context of the information environment, demonstrated by the ability to:

  • Understand and interpret the contexts in which information is originated, stored, organised, retrieved, disseminated and used.
  • Visualise future directions and prepare a roadmap to provide the most effective and efficient library and information services to the users.
  • Libraries Today-Open Source, Open Access and Open Libraries,
  • Information Resources-Collection and Organisation responding to users’ needs,
  • Connection-Providing access whether local or remote on the web,
  • Learner-focused-Responding to the information needs of the users,
  • Accessible-Easy to use, offering help and support,
  • Dynamic-A Catalyst , inspiring and encouraging enjoyment and discovery,
  • Current –Reflecting today’s communities in providing latest information.


  1. Modify & reorganize the library space (Digital, Conventional, Students Presentation Room):
  • Digital library:-In this type of library only computers should be present wherein a student can access to the information required with their login ids. There should not be any books to read in this type of library.
  • Conventional library:-In this type the library there should be only book and not computers. If there are books as well as computers in same library it leads to disturbance, students cannot concentrate on their studies. Rather library is a place meant to sit and study.

Student presentation rooms:-As the students do presentations in library the library looks very crowdie. So there should be presentation room for the students so that the library looks free and silent.

  1. Access to English books: As esc-pau is a school wherein many international students study there should be books not only in French but also in English. And books which not only belongs too management, but a general books and also job oriented books which will help students not only for their current studies but also for their future. It will help them to face any interview and also build confidence within them.
  2. Access to YouTube: Suppose a student want to access YouTube it should be possible. Because if a student does not understand something while studying he can watch a video relating to topic and understand the concepts well.
  3. E-Library: E-library is a library wherein al the present in library also will be present online. So that the students can access to it from anywhere they want .they don’t have to come to library all the time wasting time to search books and then start studying.
  4. Feedback and measures: There should be survey made every six months that whether the students are happy and satisfied or not. Based on this actions should be taken to modify the library. There should be a suggestion box in the library so that if the students have any suggestions they can write and put in the box.
  5. Librarian who can communicate in English & French: As esc-pau is an international school there should be a librarian who can speak in English. So that we can do the conversations and clear doubts if we have any regarding the books.
  6. Bag stands: As the library is small and students are more there should a bag stand outside the library so that students don’t throw bags here and there. By this other students will get some place to sit and work.
  7. Book stands and tables: As the book stands are very small and short people can see whole library as what each person is doing. This leads to distraction and the person looses interest in studies. So the books should arranged such that a person cannot see more than five people at least. By this he can save more time and concentrate well on studies. The book stands should be in closed format. As students are more in the library there should be more tables and chairs. At present the chairs and tables are very less.

Happy ending:

Students will get more information & help them to be professional. Students will be more concentrated on the studies. Students will enjoy their studies.

Innovative Idea:

We have planned to have a student conference once in a month regarding their ideas. Students, mainly known as youth will be having lot of innovative ideas. So if we ask them about their ideas it will help us to build or reorganize the library according to their idea and comfort. It will even help us to solve the problem if any and build or reorganize a new library.