A Professional Space

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Quetant M. and Tomaszewski V.

As the world is changing, we think our school needs to evolve with ideas of tomorrow. Each year, new tools and new technologies are emerging. Ten years ago what would you have said if someone told you that you could talk with anyone in the world in real time ? What would you have said if we had talked to you about social networks, 3D Print or “The Internet of things “?

It is not science-fiction, it is reality. People’s behaviours change. We have to use these tools in order to improve the educational system.

I – The vision

Our suggestion is the creation of a space in order to improve communication between actual students, former students and companies linked to the school. The strength of a management school is its network, so it is essential to highlight it. Students need to have a space where they can interact, organize meetings and lectures with former students and companies. They need a place where they can build their project, their professional training with the help of the school, of the students, to see themselves in the future, build their network and prepare them for the next step.

In the ESC, we observed that there are offices to discuss our future, our projects and our international trips. But there is no open place where we can meet students, companies, work on our projects and consult files at the same time…To make this project succeed, we need the contribution of the students.

This area will measure around 80m², there will be different areas for the different purposes of the student. There will be an open area for relaxed conversation between current and former students, and another closed area for the meetings with the companies.

II – The design

There will be two areas. One open area, situated at the former library to persuade students to meet and talk about their careers, jobs and internships.

The place dedicated for students could be composed of circular comfortable chairs with a minimum of 8 seats and little table with a minimum of 8 plugs at the middle in order to facilitate interaction and shared learning. They can be provided with sheets of paper and pens for brainstorming but they can also use tablets with cloud solutions dedicated to the school in order to save their ideas as and when they surface.

They can also have at their disposal smaller spaces to work in smaller groups where they can repeat their presentations with overhead projectors and talk between themselves in private.

In this place, there will be tables, chairs, computers and an unlimited access to a virtual portal. On this portal, students could post their CV and their school work and allow everyone to have access to it. Not every piece of work will be necessary, only projects which reflect the preferred job of the students and what they are interested in. Thus, they will have access to the work of other students and former students. It will create a huge database of information about students and their skills. The virtual space will take place on Intranet. Actual students could submit their video CV, their teamwork, show their specialities and put themselves forward for jobs. They can see courses of other students. Therefore, they can see people that have the same interest and who want to work in the same job sector and start a network in what they like.

They can also see other students’ courses (MOOC strategy) and ask questions, tip who they want, in a job or in a company. Former students will see the profile of actual students and other students. It would be useful for them to have access to the information and the profile of the students if their companies are looking for an intern or an apprentice. It could also be useful if they want to change company and find a contact in another enterprise. They will have access to the work done by students, so it can enrich their knowledge. It could prove useful if they want to launch new products or get new ideas. Companies will have access to the profile of students, so if they want to hire someone they can start their initial search in this database. They will target only people they are interested in, and after they can easily meet the students in person. This project of intranet could be a kind of private LinkedIn between companies, actual and former students. We can create an application dedicated to ESC Pau students with a private session.

We can also create a dedicated space to students experiences in library with mural movies of actual and former students speaking about their work or internships.

Maybe we can propose digital on-screens quizes. This could be in the form of personality tests where you check your passions, your favourite companies, your skills, your favourite sectors and at the end you will find the contact of a former student who has a similar experience of what you are looking for.

An index and physical book about internships categorized by sectors and countries with detail of missions and contacts and advice about the country and the city may be created.

There will be another area mainly dedicated to companies or for students who really need to work in real conditions and without any noise, with all the material they need. This area could be located at the former site of the “Foyer”. They can also have at their disposal smaller spaces to work in small groups where they can repeat their presentations with video projectors and talk between them in private. Also there is a space dedicated to companies ‘presentations with some tablets and a webcam in order to launch Skype as a stage for presentations to some students. When the audience is too large or of high importance, companies could use a lecture theatre.You have access to coffee and tea in this place.

Because data can easily become knowledge, when they enter the library, students should use a card. This card would include data about when students come to the library, what books they use…

To finish, we could speak about books. We can propose to students to search by key words books on tablets which are situated in the middle of the library thus making it easier and faster to find books. Moreover, librarians are able to give advice to students but also to teachers about new books and to show new ESC PAU teachers books. We think we shouldn’t digitize all books because with Internet, many are already digital. Books take part in our innovation strategy. We can promote them by digital screens or meetings with experts.

Employees of the library can give advice to students in the centre of the room and propose the book of the week for several categories of business.

III – The events

Different events could be organized in this new place. In the open room, we can organize work speed dating through Skype or other software for more relaxed exchanges with international students, students work group…

The closed room can be used by students to have their professional interview or for dedicated lecture from companies for students with a limited access, with only people who are the most interested by.

In order to make the library more dynamic, we can organize each week games in order to commit students to interact with former students. A fun game could be to ask students to search a maximum of efficient offers of employment or internships about a sector given by another student with a time given.

Another idea is to create an association who make meetings between students in France and abroad too. They can use the new space for their meetings.

In this place, we can organize meetings between teachers and students to help them to create their resume, help them to search on computer which students can help them, search in the network.

  IV – The results The benefits for the students will be:
  • To have a place where they can build their future, follow their project, increase their network and knowledge.
  • To exchange with former students and actual students about their career, their hobbies.
  • To have a place with all they need to build their future.
  • Able to meet former students and companies.
The companies will:
  • Have access to the intranet, with all profiles, resumes and work of students.
  • Organize meetings with students, talk about their company and promote it for project management on their company.
  • Organize job interviews.
To measure the result, we are considering several satisfaction studies with the students, former students and companies to ask for their thoughts about coming to this place.