A team building

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Anne-Claire Lannuzel, Marie-Sophie Pons, Juliette Soria


FunThe purpose of the project “Design your school” is to think about the library at ESC PAU. We are ESC PAU Students and users of the library since 3 years that is why we have a pretty good idea of what is going wrong with this library. Indeed, library is not a welcoming place. It is dark, noisy, and not ergonomic and modulate place. There is no good internet connection and there are not enough plugs. Because of all those troubles, it is not an ideal environment to work.

To redesign it, we should know what students do at the library at ESC Pau. They use to go in when they have to work in group for group projects such as business game and project management. They go in as well for individual work when they want to prepare exams or make personal researches. They use to go to read newspapers or magazines. Currently libraryis used by necessity, through spite. The majority of them prefer work at home. But at home it is not easy to work in groups because of small apartment and there are temptations such as Facebook, TV. As some group projects or individual preparations require a lot of time, they need a place with flexible hours and where they take breaks and relax. The need of students is to have 3 kinds of spaces which each of them has specific feature and function:

  • the library: which is a place dedicated for work in team building as an open space with computer bubble, project management game and so on
  • a study room for individual preparation, readings, personal research: it is a calm and quit place
  • a relaxation room : to eat, to game, to talk

The goal is students have an appropriate environment to study to be efficient and reliable.

We will focus on design the library. Our aim is to make the library more welcoming and create a community place around the notion of group project/management of group projects.

Below we will present all changes we would to do for the library. Some of those changes can be done done rapidly for September 2014. It could be a “Quick win”. But all others changes could be make gradually during the next 5 years.


planTo create a community place our full project is to use all the space on the ground floor in order to build a space where you will find the library, an area dedicated to the school associations and a  place to eat and relax. To do so we will break every wall between each area to create an open space and connect each space together.

The common room, the BDE office and the library will all be connected. Each  space will be separated by wall made of glass making it luminous. The BDE office will move at the entrance of the current common room. The common room will keep its MBA current surface area. The new library will use the space of the current library plus the space between the current library and the BDE office, itself included.

As our main project is the library and the creation of a group work place we will focus on its design and divide it in three areas:

BubbleFirst, the furniture, as our project is to  create an open space, we want it be adjustable to be ableto change for any situation. Various furniture will be dispersing in the space, such as a “computer bubble” where every computer will be group together.

It is called a bubble because the wall of the box will be made of glass. In order to use the space efficiently, books will also be reunited in one area, to open the area, it will be the “book bubble” where you will also find long tables in order to do written work or to study in silence.

We want to use modular panel to let groups create their own working area in the space.

Couches and tables will be dispersing in the space; the modular panel can be positioned  around it. Big lamp shade will be fixing just upon it. Moreover, as the space is adjustable, it can adapt itself for every occasion such as group work or conferences or training.

As seen on the drawing, the library space will be divided into three areas, the  book box, the group work area and the “zen area”. This last area will be composed by eggs chair in which students can relax and have a nap between classes. These chairs will be controlled by electronic systems which can scan student’s cards and read their schedule in order to set up the alarm and make  them wake up at the right time.

We want to propose to the student a place warm to do so wewill use decoration to do so. First of all, as the current library is dark, we want lot of light in the new one. The wall will be paint in white; the floor will also be white to create a luminous space. Moreover has we said, we want to create glass wall to let the light come in the library. Spotlight will  replace the current light in the library.

To make the place warmer we will put quotes on the wall in order to adorn it. We also want to write with colorful checked pattern “ESC Pau” on the floor in the middle of the library, to create a community feeling. We will also use colorful pattern to demarcate each area in the space.

In a technological point of view, in order to create a specific ambiance to work and appropriate condition, it is important as well to improve the Wi-Fi connection at school. To help group work it could be good also to position in the library whiteboard to help group share visually their ideas and use it for brainstorming. Moreover on a long term perspective we would like to have all books in a digital format and create a catalogue from where students will be able to download books.


The library has to stay a space to work and share ideas where student can speak, improve their skills and learn deeply. To do so, we can create training sessions where professional can share their knowledge about team building, cross-cultural management, project management and job fair for example. Those events could help students to think more about their future professional life  and improve their skills and competencies in specific areas.

Also, the library could be a place where student can relax and learn some  techniques to avoid stress situation. For that the school can create events like relaxation, yoga sessions and share tools to manage stress.


Our main project is to create a group work place where project management skills will  be encouraged to develop. This concept will be developed thanks to organization of space (modulate panels and walls). The project management skills could be developed thanks to the different events such as team building sessions and the accessories such as project games and whiteboards. Student could feel confident and can work individually and in groups in the open spaces which involve an relax atmosphere where brainstorming could be easy to create and organize.


As we create a place dedicated to students for team work in order to develop team management skills, we should ask to students themselves to be involved on it since the beginning. Ideas, suggestions can be leave on digital boxes before the beginning changes. In September, after the “Quick win”, we can organize the first survey in order to have feedbacks  when the ESC 1 will start at the ESC Pau. A second survey can be made in January when the ESC 2 come back to their international experiences. Continual feedbacks, suggestions should be get back and collect in order to improve constantly services and furniture at the library.